Monday, 31 August 2009

Seven Years Later

Seven years on and those events had been shoved so far back into my mind that I didn't believe that they were real anymore. Life went on as normal, our families were still friends, it was the easter holidays (april 2009), and the BBQ's became more common etc. We were all over their house on one occasion and I was sat on a laptop looking for another job, to pay for my driving lessons etc. He stood over my shoulder looking at what I was doing, asking "any luck?"
I replied "No I'm thinking of pimping myself out it's getting so desperate" of course it was a joke, and he wasn't the only person who heard it, a few others did and laughed. I don't know what made him think I was being serious, but for the next week he kept pushing the idea of me having sex with him, with comments like "changed your mind yet" or, "shall I go to a cashpoint now"
I laughed it off and was prepared to continue keeping everything quiet. Until the end of that week, I was sat on my laptop as normal, chatting to friends, and my cousin on msn. She told me that her dad wanted to speak to me, so he called and told me that our neighbour had been talking to my sister inappropriatly on msn. My cousin sent me a copy of the conversation between them. My sister was supposed to be having a sleepover with his daughter that night so I was shocked when I read:
Him: What shall we do later?
Her: Watch a film?
Her:Have a Gang bang? LOL jks
Him Sexy time hehe
Her:lol nah too young
Him:for sex yes, not for sex time he he
Her: What do you mean by sexy time
Him: Whatever you want, flash, fiddle whatever.

All the while my sister was sending the conversation to my cousin he continued with
"we'll see when I get back yes or no"
I felt sick, I told my uncle that I would go get her from their house, he said he'd pick us up because my sister was scared stiff. So we got stuff together and went to stay at my uncles. He called my mum and told her, at the time she was out with our neighbours wife, and so she knew too. Still at this point I thought it was better to keep quiet about everything, and I did for another day, mum and dad went and had a talk with him, and he said "he didn't know what came over him, it was a joke etc." When I got home from my uncles that night I panicked I told a friend everything, and they begged me to tell my mum, but I felt so ashamed, I gave mum my laptop and they told her over msn, she broke down, and I cried for an hour straight, I've never cried so much in my life, as I did in that one night. My dad called the police.

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